Save A Penny is a social enterprise focused on telling the stories of the unheard. With every purchase a job is provided as well as empowerment for homeless youth all over Los Angeles. In 2017 we have employed 98 young adults with out homes or employment. The reason we are called SAVE A PENNY is because we may walk past pennies everyday forgetting the value of one pennies. One penny we can't buy anything but with many we can buy much, in the same we we want to remind our community the importance of our youth, It's time to save our homeless youth and remind them of their worth.


We believe in the power of STORIES, behind every story their lives power! We teach our youth to use their story as their gift! 


WITH EVERY PURCHASE YOU PROVIDE EMPLOYMENT & JOB SKILLS TRAINING FOR AN INDIVIDUAL IN NEED.SAVE A PENNY work in the Los Angeles area to employ youth experiencing homelssness as well as aged out foster youth.

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