Purpose, Education & Vision


When we started SEED HOUSE PROJECT in 2018 of November, we wanted to build more than just building to live,but rather a place to build your “why” . We wanted to build a community of innovators, and change the culture of homeless services.  A culture of opportunity rather then enabling. We teach our youth that homelessness starts in the mind rather than circumstances. Our live/work space is built around critical thinking and positive thinking. A place to find your purpose and a team to lead you their.  


Our mission doesn’t end with the a home to live in but rather a home within. A home you can take anywhere no matter where you a go, a home worth fighting for, a home that shapes your identity. That home is your “why”, our mission is to help our youth find their why. We believe once your find your “why” you will never become homeless again. Here at Seed House Project we not only provide a home but we provide everything you need to find your purpose.   


Creative Spaces 


Our workspace design features a creative room (for teams of 1–1o+) with 3 high speed computers, a printer. Music equipment such as a piano, guitar etc. Our  walls to maintain privacy without sacrificing transparency or natural light. Common spaces have a distinct aesthetic and vibe that will inspire your our youth.

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