Resident Advisor 

PROGRAM: Transitional Housing 


DRIVING: Required 

REPORTS TO: Housing Coordinator 


Seed House Project (SHP) provides transitional living for Young adults and serves as a safe environment where individuals are treated with dignity and respect.  SHP approaches the view of right living, focusing on the here and now, honesty, social responsibility and economic self-reliance.  

Resident  leads must have background clearance by the Los Angeles County Probation Department and adhere to all County and State certifications and/or regulations.  Resident leads must have good written communication skills with proper grammar, good spelling and legible handwriting. Resident leads must have the ability to demonstrate professional ethics, boundaries and judgment. Resident leads should have strong verbal communications, computer literacy, interpersonal skills, time management skills and the ability to handle a diverse population.   

.   Resident Lead Job Descriptions 

Resident Lead’s primary responsibilities are: 

HOUSE MEETING- Team leads must attend all house meetings. Team lead will assist the housing coordinator with documentation of the meeting and who were in attendance.

ASSESSING NEEDS- Seed House Project will sometimes provide free personal toiletry and cleaning supplies.  Team leads are required to submit housing supply needed and document items given. Please refer to the housing list below. 

Workshop Attendance- Resident lead is required to remind clients of upcoming events on the SEED HOUSE PROJECT calendar. Prior to the workshop team lead will submit a head count to the housing coordinator. As well as attend./ facuilate every workshop within the program.


MONITORING FACILITY- Managers are required to submit a weekly update to Housing Coordinator, discussing daily chore sheets as well as incidents within the household. The Seed House Project provides on-site surveillance  twenty four (24) hours, seven (7) days a week. Team Lead must monitor and make  sure that all lights and any other electrical devices are off whenever NOT in use. 


SECURITY - Whenever Parole Officers, Probation Officers, or Social Workers employees approach the front door asking for ID this will be communicated between the house lead and housing coordinator. 

INCIDENTS-Managers must report all incidents to the Director or Housing Coordinator. Written Reports are to be done within 12 hours of the incident.It is the Resident  Leads responsibility to correct all clients on a rules being broken with in the household.   Should SHP  staff observe any behaviors that are disruptive to the sober living or something that jeopardize the health and safety of our participants will be reported to the Director or Housing Coordinator. In the event a resident becomes psychotic delusional, or a fight breaks out SHP staff will first ensure resident safety by isolating the resident and calling 911. 


CHORES- Resident Lead are to oversee the chores:  Chore list is to be created by housing Lead on a rotation basis this includes trash take out.   Chores are to be checked every day by Resident leads to ensure they are getting done by the participant assigned, this then will be reported to house manager and sent to the director by the end of every day. If for any reason you see chores not being done, Resident lead is responsible or reminding clients of housing responsibility. 

Morning chores are done before 10pm, Resident Lead should schedule a double scrub day weekly, (Saturdays optional).  - Resident Lead Must Attend Deep Clean Events.

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