Young people aging out of foster care systems often do not have the life skills necessary to help ease the way from foster care to adulthood. Therefore they experience higher degrees of incarceration, poverty, homelessness, and suicide.



SEED HOUSE PROJECT is a purpose filled housing facility. We creating comfortable living as well as family oriented environment. The ultimate goal of this program is to enable clients to obtain and maintain permanent housing and become self-sufficient.

The primary objective of  SEED HOUSE PROJECT are to: 


  1. Provide a family oriented homes filled with support and purpose to at risk young adults. 

  2. Provide purpose filled employment opportunities to embrace and change the course course of the youth. 

  3. Provide and lifelong connection with one on one mentorship with the youth. Creating guidance and support to the youth.


Seed House Project provides a home in which each young person experiencing homelessness can create a foundation in a supportive environment focused on their individual success.


Seed House Project provides opportunities for youth to participate in job training workshops, job placement services, and a one-of-a-kind job experience working for our sister program Save A Penny


Here a SEED HOUSE PROJECT, we have professional accountants that help our youth learn how to budget and create financial plan.


Seed House Project provides an effective and relate able mentors to help guide our youth. Most of our mentors has a well verse background when it comes to working with our population.  

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